According to screen snaps exposed by the king of ‘Hot Tea’ Edgar Obare, Akothee’s sister a.k.a Cebbie, says that Madam Boss is broke and struggling financially. Madam Boss allegedly picks orphans from all corners and later neglects them as she has no solutions nor goals. Some of those kids are in Mombasa and with nothing to feed on. The snaps expose a conversation where the two gossipers mock the president of single mothers  calling her mad.

It is purported that ‘El Presidente’ picks orphans and claims to assist them, with the aim of getting social nice comments from strangers on social media. The lady who is believed to be Cebbie, claims that madam boss is struggling to pay fees for her own children. She also added that she was worried that people would one day expose Akoth.

 If these snaps were true, do you think it’s right to ‘expose’ a sibling who has been taking sh** for you, to a stranger? Give us your view.


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